About us

Company name Riovea co.Ltd.
Location 1-32-2-711, Bunka Sumida-ku, Tokyo Japan
Establishment 2017/11/22
Capital JPY 9,000,000
CEO Rio Yanai
Contact TEL:03-6231-9208

About Riovea

Riovea is a skincare company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Riovea’s scientists have over 30 years of extensive experiences in life sciences research and development and modern drug discovery. Riovea develops and offers novel, natural and effective skincare products, with its mission to improve customers' lives by offering the highest quality and the most natural products.

Frank S. Huang
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ph.D. Biochemistry
University of Munich Germany

Robert J. Zawada, Ph.D.
Vice President of Operations

Ph.D. Chemistry
Stanford University