Extra Charges Other Than Product Price

Japan domestic shipping charge: 900 yen (tax not included). Cash on delivery: 300 yen (tax not included).

※ No service charge for credit card payment and cash on delivery.
※ In the case of bank transfer, there will be a bank transfer fee.

Validity of Purchase

Payment should be settled within seven (7) business days after your order. If an order is not fully paid for after seven (7) business days, this order is deemed invalid and will be automatically canceled by our store.

Defective Item

Please contact us by email within seven (7) business days after delivery. Please understand that we do not accept returns goods unless the item has defects.


Please confirm on each product page.


We will ship your order within seven (7 business days after receiving it.

Payment Options

・ Credit card
・ Cash on delivery
・ Bank transfer

Payment Deadlines

In the case of a credit card, it will be the debit date of the credit card company.
In case of convenience store settlement/bank transfer, it will be within seven (7) business days after sending the order confirmation email from us.
In the case of cash on delivery, please pay at the time of receipt of your goods.

Return Deadline

Any returns must be made within seven (7) days after delivery.

Return Costs

If the returned product(s) is defective, our store will bear the shipping costs.